You Need a Song

New Music From Deborah Holland

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Hi there, long time no see, or hear, or anything – what an insane time we’re in!

I have some new music to share with you…

These songs were intended to be a new Animal Logic release, sadly we could not manage to get them recorded as AL – sorry to you AL fans who were hoping for something new.

I have finished up the tracks as plain old Deborah Holland, and will be releasing them as singles.

Please check out “You Need A Song” below, which features Stewart Copeland on drums.

Rage On fellow warriors!

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Song Credits:
Release date: November 27th, 2020
Written by Deborah Holland
Produced by Winston Hauschild and Deborah Holland
Recorded and Mixed by Winston Hauschild
Mastered by Elisa Pangsaeng, CPS Mastering
Additional Recording by Adam Fulton
Recorded at Hipposonic, The Sacred Grove, The Treehouse Studio, Mikes’s home studio, and Darren’s home studio
Photo by Jane Thomson
Artwork by Wesley David Scott
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals: Deborah Holland
Electric Guitar: Michael Meroniuk
Drums: Stewart Copeland
Bass: Darren Paris
Keyboards and Percussion: Winston Hauschild